Hyperfast Six Villages

Broadband for the 21st Century

Register your details for Hyperfast Six Villages broadband

Please do complete this form to register your interest in really hyperfast broadband for the area of Mollington, Lea-by-Backford, Backford, Croughton, Little Stanney and Stoak civil parishes. We will also use this information to keep you informed of progress with our application to join the B4RN (https://b4rn.org.uk/) project.

The information provided will enable us to design the project. Contact details will enable us to communicate with you going forward. Information about any business that you run will help to determine the extent of government funding available to finance the project.


If you run a business from this location, it will help to calculate the level of government funding if you can provide brief details of that business.

The business name field should contain the trading name of the business. If you have a registered company, then enter also the company registration number.

Options available to residents:

There are, as we see it, four options available to residents. These are:

  1. Retain your Openreach-based broadband (whether it is FTTC or ADSL). Eventually, it is probable that Openreach will convert our exchange to FTTP, which may be hyperfast, but there will be a cost of signing up to this, both in higher monthly subscriptions and in installation charges. Currently Fibre on Demand for 1000Mbps asymmetric service can be obtained for about £500 and £80 per month plus a survey and design fee. The latter charge could be anything between £9000 and £20000.
  2. Wait for Virgin Media to return to Great Mollington - this probably will not occur before 2020 and may be further away than that. Virgin will almost certainly not provide their service to anyone further than a few meters from their access points. Their currently proposed extent is Station Road (only Mollington), Grove Road as far as the school, Well Lane, Willow Lea, Townfield Lane between Parkgate Road and Warren Farm, Mollington Court, Overwood Lane and Parkgate Road between Mollington Banestre Hotel and Kingswood Lane.
  3. Invest now in B4RN to provide all in the community with the opportunity to invest in 21st century fibre broadband at 1000Mbps.
  4. Finally, there is the option of no broadband.

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