Six Villages Hyperfast

A community-led project to deliver Gigabit broadband to your neighbourhood


May 2020

13th May 2020 - We reached our first 100 voucher applications. This target was met in 127 days. We plan on reaching the next 100 much faster.

We are aware that DCMS emails to voucher applicants are being delayed. This we believe, is because DCMS civil servants are having to concentrate on other Coronavirus-related issues.

April 2020

B4RN have now started offering 10Gbps connections, initially to 21 primary schools in Lancashire and North Yorkshire. This service is also being offered to other customers of B4RN, at a cost of £150 per month. More details are available here

January 2020

In January 2020, DCMS finally approved our Pre-Registered Package allowing us to start the process of asking residents to apply for their Gigabit Vouchers. This process is now happening. To apply for your voucher, goto the Get B4RN link on their website. On the resulting page, first of all, enter your post code in the box and select the 'Check' button beside it. If this works, then scroll down to the form headed "Gigabit Voucher Request Form", fill in your name, (most importantly) your email address, telephone numbers and your street address, then select your chosen service type (if a business, then make sure that you complete the additional business details), the type of service commencement required, and do perform a speed test before submitting the form.

On submission, you should receive an email from B4RN confirming the receipt and you should use that to communicate any corrections to B4RN. Shortly afterward, you should then receive the first of two emails from DCMS asking you to confirm that you have applied. Confirmation will result in approval of the voucher request. Finally, when the connection is completed, DCMS will send another email requesting the customer's confirmation that the service has commenced. Following the successful submission, B4RN will then make the final payment to the customer.