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News items of interest:

G.Fast coming to Saughall

Saughall exchange is apparently about to benefit from G.Fast. The limiting factor though is that the higher speeds (upload of up to 50Mbps and download up to 300Mbps) are only effective up to 300 meters from the cabinet.

Public Meeting:

We had our first public meeting at Mollington, Backford & District Village Hall on 29th August 2018. This was well attended and we listened to a brief overview of the neighbouring B4RN project developments in Capenhurst and Burton, followed by an overview of B4RN and how we in our area can get the same service.

BT is offering Ultrafast fibre for £49.99 per month

However this is only 145Mbps download and has an 18 month minimum contract term, although the installation fee is only £59.99. This feature is not available in our exchange area though, leaving BT's Fibre on Demand as the only available option, but that will cost £500 for installation and you still have to pay for the fibre to be laid from the nearest distribution cabinet.

Openreach switching from G.Fast to FTTP

10th August 2018 - Openreach today have announced that their investment in G.Fast will now be scaled back in favour of greater roll-out of full fibre. More information is here.

More funding for rural fibre

Another £45m has been promised to fund more fibre broadband for rural areas around the UK. We don't yet know how much rural West Cheshire will get, though.

Copper Switch-Off?

The Institute of Directors has now called for a firm date for switching off the copper telephone network. They suggest that it should happen not by 2033 as the government have suggested, but much earlier, by 2025. Clearly we should invest in companies who produce fibre urgently.

Sunday Times - 29th July 2018 - 

Nicholas Hellen @nicholashellen has written an article in the Sunday Times on 29th July which gives a good overview of what B4RN has done for one community. Unfortunately, the author initially didn't appear to know the difference between east and west (unless Ellesmere Port has relocated into the Dee estuary overnight). To read the original version you will need to find the print copy.