Six Villages Hyperfast

A community-led project to deliver Gigabit broadband to your neighbourhood

Benefits of FTTP

Viewing habits are changing - currently B4RN delivers 1000Mbps (up as well as down) to your router. Ten years ago, Netflix did not stream video, it sent DVD's. Now it accounts for 15% of internet traffic. This will only increase over the next few years.

No more waiting for uploads - currently, Ofcom estimates that average upload speeds throughout the UK are 7.2Mbps. B4RN's symmetrical connection gives you 1000Mbps, plenty of scope for uploading photos and broadcasting video.

Reduce the daily grind - if you work from home or run your own business, there is nothing worse than waiting for a file to download (or upload) or struggling to respond to a customer query. B4RN's gigabit connection allows you to take advantage of cloud-based software tools and VoIP technology.

Our homes are even smarter - the so-called ‘Internet of Things’ can easily be shared around a B4RN gigabit connection. Smart speakers, security cameras, fitness trackers, kitchen appliances, and smart heating and lighting are adding to the number of internet capable devices. 

Adding value to your home - A 2014 study by two universities** implied a good broadband connection could add nearly 3% to the price of an average property. Fast internet is important to buyers - tellingly, property websites now include broadband speed checkers alongside details like local schools.

Healthy bodies and keen minds - More medical devices now collect and send invaluable data to doctors using the internet, avoiding the need for patients to make stressful trips to appointments. Meanwhile, distance learning is becoming increasingly popular. Well over a hundred UK higher education institutes offer online courses. 

We're all about Community - B4RN offers free service to small rural primary schools and places of worship, as well as village halls which host one of our cabinets. Many of our staff are former volunteers drawn from communities which have B4RN. It makes our repair and support teams local , caring and knowledgeable. 

We've got the basics covered - You can surf the web, book holidays and go online shopping and banking with B4RN. While other providers let you do that, with our connection there’s no peak time slowdown. And if the kids or visiting friends and family want to stream 4k videos at the same time, there’ll be no frustration. 

B4RN fulfills all of these benefits.

In addition to the general benefits of FTTP, B4RN also gives the following benefits.


If you run a business from home (this can be a sole trader, partnership or limited company), then the cost of installation is £0. With the Gigabit Voucher scheme, B4RN will also give you £300. Monthly fees start from £30 per month for up to 5 employees. Between 6 and 15 employees, the cost is £60 per month and for more than 15 employees, the cost will be £90 per month.

You will be able to run video meetings with suppliers and customers without having the conversation interrupted by heavy internet traffic from your neighbours.

The increased bandwidth also allows you to perform many more tasks simultaneously.


For domestic use, B4RN gives you 21st century broadband that should provide the flexibility to adapt to all upgrades to internet technology for the forseeable future. You will be able to host multiple high-definition video streaming operations simultaneously, without upsetting your neighbours enjoyment of their own high intensity internet usage.

The cost at £30 per month (inc. VAT) is more likely to reduce over time, once B4RN have repaid their initial capital investment.

With the B4RN connection, you will be able, if you wish, to transfer your landline number to a service (such as Vonage or SipGate ), which means you will no longer be forced to use BT for landline usage.


Farmers have somewhat different challenges to make use of broadband.

B4RN FTTP can be hugely beneficial to the profitable management of any farm, as many farmers in north Lancashire and north Yorkshire can readily attest to.

Fibre broadband can enable implementation of more robust security over land, livestock and crops by enabling the distribution of security cameras to prevent rustling and fly-tipping. It will also facilitate positioning of remote radio recievers to help monitor soil condition and crop and animal health. This means the farmer can more effectively manage his fields without leaving his farm office. This leaves the farmer with more time to develop the farm further, thus improving profitability.

All Customers

Security over your property can be managed more efficiently. Using the latest security utilities such as Ring and Nest is managed far more effectively with Gigabit fibre connection, even from the other side of the world, allowing the resident to talk to visitors at the front door as though he were actually just inside the door. Even with FTTC speeds up to 80Mbps download, this can be challenging because the upload speeds of FTTC are a fraction of the download speed.