Hyperfast Six Villages

Broadband for the 21st Century

Great Mollington Hyperfast Broadband

This team was formed by Chris Jones (Great Mollington Digital Champion) who was asked to undertake the role back in 2013. In 2015 the first three fibre cabinets were commissioned (Liverpool Road/Station Road junction, Grove Road, and Townfield Lane), giving the residents who lived within (say) 500 meters of the new cabinets the opportunity to obtain superfast broadband (above 25Mbps) while those who were within 1500 meters could obtain at least 10Mbps (unless their copper line was actually not copper).

Chris Jones

Chris is a retired Chartered Accountant who has also got significant experience of using computers - mainly to deliver data analysis. He has been treasurer for the Village Hall since 2006 and also served as Chairman for three years from 2013. Chris now has reliable FTTC of 9.1Mbps download, but he wants more, much more.

Phil Crane

Phil is a retired IT Systems Manager who is currently also chairman of Mollington Parish Council and is a trustee of the Village Hall. Phil does get 30Mbps, but unfortunately his line is not very reliable and the speed drops when everyone else in the village is streaming videos.

Dave Evans

Dave was a physics teacher, but is now part way through an Open University degree course in Information Technology. He joined this team out of frustration with his exchange only line that restricts him to ADSL broadband giving a maximum download speed of 8Mbps.

Andrew Harkness

Andrew is a retired BT Manager who happens to have experienced one of the early fibre installations in the UK while working near Warrington. He has been a member of Backford Parish Council for several years and is also a trustee of the Village Hall. He does now get a steady 17Mbps from his connection to a nearby exchange, but does want more.

Dan Lay

Dan actually lives outside the project area, but has an IT company that is within Chester Gates. Dan already has a symmetric 100Mbps connection from BT, but needs the Gigabit as well.

Mike Jones

Mike runs Warren Farm in Mollington. He is also a parish councillor and a governor for the local primary school.