Six Villages Hyperfast

A community-led project to deliver Gigabit broadband to your neighbourhood

Six Villages Hyperfast is a project set up by local residents, which is now in partnership with B4RN and with the help of government funding to bring true Gigabit broadband (1000 Megabits per second) to homes and businesses in the local area. The project will expand B4RN’s network to Backford, Lea-by-Backford, Mollington, Saughall, Little Stanney and Croughton.

B4RN offer 1,000Mbps broadband to every residential household and costs just £30 per month including VAT, if you wish to take advantage of this offer you need to act now.

178 Voucher Applications so far - Another 53 to trigger our build.

B4RN don’t just help us to install a fibre optic network, they also have a dedicated team for monitoring and maintaining the network on a 24 hour basis.

Our neighbouring villages of Capenhurst, Shotwick, Puddington and Burton are already connected and getting Gigabit fibre optic broadband from B4RN.

Who are B4RN

Broadband for the Rural North Ltd or ‘B4RN’ was launched in December 2011 by a volunteer group led by industry expert Barry Forde. Registered as a community benefit society with the FCA (under the Industrial and Provident Societies Act 1965) so it can never be bought by a commercial operator and its profits can only be distributed to the community.

B4RN is a professionally designed fibre optic broadband network, registered as a non-profit community benefit society, and run by a dedicated local team with the support of landowners and volunteers.

Technical Benefits of B4RN

Most broadband service providers rely on the existing copper cabling that is already installed to your premises. Copper cabling was originally designed for voice communications however cannot deliver 1Gbps reliable high speed internet access over long distances

B4RN is completely different

B4RN engineers will install a fibre optic cable that is designed to carry high speed internet connectivity to each of their subscribers premises. 

The Fibre Optic service provided by B4RN carries 1Gbps as standard and can be further upgraded in the future.

1Gbps Download - 1Gbps Upload (1Gbps = 1,000Mbps)

Community Benefits of B4RN

Mollington Primary School will get completely free Gigabit broadband, saving them £3k per year

Churches in the area get connection free.

Adding value to your home

A 2014 study implied a good broadband connection could add nearly 3% to the price of an average property.
Fast Internet is important to buyers - tellingly, some property websites now include broadband speed checkers alongside details like local schools

Your Community Needs Your Help

In order for the project to begin construction aproximately half of the community has to register their interest.

We also need more volunteers to help spread the word, agree access rights to land, and maybe do some digging.  You can volunteer using this form .
We should act fast - much of the network build cost can be met with a two-year government broadband funding scheme.

Register Your Interest - it takes just 5 minutes